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Career Design Course + Community Program 

Make 2024 The Year You Find Yourself In An Aligned and Thriving Career You Love

January 16-February 27 2024

Cohort Calls on Tuesdays @ 7pm EST

w/ Career Coach & Psychotherapist

Caitlin Magidson, LCPC

You're Here Because You're Ready For A Career You Love
Let me guess how things look for you at work...

You dread Mondays, you're always searching for what could be next, and your work is draining instead of life-giving.  Work stress or boredom is starting to impact all areas of your life.  It's clear you need to make a change, but you are stuck in analysis paralysis and avoiding decisions.  It's all overwhelming!

Each day the cost of remaining in your current job goes beyond a paycheck.  It’s about missed opportunities, unfulfilled potential, and the relentless feeling that something better awaits you.  

What if you loved what you got to do each day...

Imagine waking up every day loving what you get to do.  Less stress, more zest!  And that work brings a sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment.  


Instead of burning out, you’re working on projects that feel meaningful to you and aligned with your values.  This alignment is energizing as you work on causes in which you believe. 


How amazing does it sound to step into more opportunities for growth, stronger professional relationships, increased creativity, and innovation in the new year?  


Inaction is not an option in 2024!


The Career Design Course + Community Program is the first step to helping you get to an aligned career where you can thrive and grow. 


When you feel satisfaction in your job, it creates positive ripple effects in your relationships, finances, health, hobbies, and all other areas of your life.

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This Program Is For You If...

You know you want to make a change because you’re feeling stuck in your current job but not sure what you want to do next.  Maybe you’re thinking “Where do I start?”  “How do I figure out what I want next?”  “It’s overwhelming to even know where to begin.”  


You know how to write a resume and interview but you need the space to reflect and discover your next best step.









I get it, I've been there!

Earlier in my career, I was right where you are: stuck in jobs that just drained the life out of me. I remember that feeling all too well—when you're itching to jump ship but you're not quite sure where to land.

I soul-searched, Googled like it was my job, chatted with folks, and scanned lots of job boards.


And you know what?

I realized I wanted to coach and counsel others the way I needed guidance in the past.  I wanted to provide a deeper level of support so people felt less alone and more hopeful in creating a fulfilling life in and outside of work.

I decided that in order to be the best coach and counselor, I would need more training and experience.  I completed a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, started coaching at a well-known business school, joined a cool online career start-up and coached emerging leaders in a wide variety of diverse industries. 


And I can honestly say I love it!!

My career journey has brought me here, and now it's all about you. I'm here to make your path smoother and help you reach those personal and professional goals. 


This course and community will make your path to a more fulfilling career more fun and efficient. 

Ready for support? Introducing the....

Career Design Course + Community Program 

A 6-week program for smart, self-aware, early to mid-career professionals ready to jumpstart their career transition by tested methods to identify the career paths that would be most fulfilling and to design an exciting strategy to get there within the next year.​

What's included

  • Expert career guidance from an experienced Certified Career Coach & Psychotherapist

  • 6 cutting edge modules for a modern 2024 job search process

  • 5-20 minute well-produced videos for easy listening and quick career takeaways

  • Customized tools and exercises for self-discovery and straightforward career planning

  • Six weeks of consistent community support for new insights and accountability 

  • Email access to me for personal career questions and support

  • 6, 60 minute community calls to get your career transition questions answered and deepen your self-discovery

Modern tools & exercises will help you...

  • Identify your top values

  • Define your life vision at work

  • Find companies you want to work for

  • Map-out and organize your research strategy 

  • Name skills that burn you out vs energize you at work

  • Utilize the game-changing strategy of informational interviews

  • Cultivate a growth mindset in your career process

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn and Chat GPT in your search


I'm ready to discover what's next!

This unique method delivers results

Unlike other programs that just focus on taking a career test or writing your resume, the Career Design Course + Community Program is deep, reflective, and strategic with the exact steps that you need to identify your dream job.  The skills you learn here will serve you for every future career pivot of your life and ensure your next move is the "right" one.

My commitment to you




  • 1:1 (50 minute) zoom call with me to deep-dive into anything on which you need support, career exploration or strategy ($250 each)

  • Voxer Support:  Want a coach in your pocket to ask personal career questions on the spot?  Add the voxer walkie-talkie app to your course experience.  Send and receive personalized voice memos and texts with me for a higher level of support. ($275)

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I guarantee that through the program content and our weekly community calls, you will be equipped with all of the tools and support you need to get clarity on what's next and how to move forward with confidence.

The offer

Add-on offers

  • 6 modern, cutting edge career & job search modules value: ($2,000)

  • Customized tools & exercises w/ each module to take action value ($1000)

  • 6, 60 minute community calls with a Certified Career Coach & Psychotherapist ($1500)

Value: $4,500


Actual Cost: $997 + tax  

*January 16, 2024- February 27, 2024

*Limited spots available until filled

*Registration closes Jan 10th

Ready to Save Your Spot!?

Image by Dmitry Ganin

Tajda G.

I absolutely love working with Caitlin - she's an amazing coach and every session with her is eye-opening and insightful! Not only does she really care about you as a person and works with you to achieve your goal in a way that's aligned with you, but she's warm, kind, holds a safe and loving space, and she's experienced and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend working with her, she's an absolute gift!

Image by Drew Colins

Clarissa W.

I had an amazing experience with Caitlin. I had some heavy stuff weighing me down and Caitlin was able to gracefully and compassionately guide me to move the stuck energy through me. There were tears and pain that she so graciously held the space for me to embrace and feel. I walked away with a peace I definitely wasn't feeling when I first started.

Image by Avi Richards

Ali S.

That was one of the most powerful coaching sessions I've ever experienced. You helped guide me through the concept I wanted to explore, and develop powerful awareness and insight. It is also the most powerful action step I've ever committed to; It feels so aligned, AND like it will actually move the needle to create the results I want. 

I'm in, can't wait!

Hi, I'm Caitlin!


I work as a Certified Career Coach & Licensed Psychotherapist and serve client through 1:1 sessions, and programming around career and well-being to help people live more aligned and meaningful lives. 

I've got you! With a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, 7+ years of experience as the Assistant Director of Coaching & Education at the Hopkins Business School's Career Development Office, and ICF credentialed training from The Institute for Coaching Mastery I'll partner and collaborate with you as you strive towards your goals.

My executive coaching extends to the Executive Leadership Institute, Executive Education at JHU to include The Academy for Women and Leadership, and The Academy for Health Care Leadership and Management.  I’ve counseled and coached thousands of people privately and in organizations, as well as presented at companies and conferences across the USA. 


  • MS Mental Health Counseling, Johns Hopkins University

  • BA Corporate Communications, Elon University

Training & Certifications

  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, #LC8267

  • National Certified Counselor, NCC

  • Certified Institute for Coaching Mastery Coach

  • Certified Career Management Coach, The Academies

  • Certified Mindful Leader, Whil & Virgin Pulse

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Facilitator

  • StrengthsFinder & Strong Interest Inventory

  • Career Leader 

  • EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360


Is this course live?

This course +community program is designed to be easily accessible from the course platform you'll be given access to upon registration.  Course modules may be completed at your own pace and weekly calls by Zoom are live online.  

What if I can't make all the live meetings?

Each session will be recorded so if you miss it you can watch at another time.

Will I know what I want to do in 6 weeks? 

Yes, you will have all the tools to get clearer in 6 weeks.  You may find it helpful to take extra time in order to research beyond the course time and will have a strategy to know exactly what you want to do next.


Will you go over resume writing?

This group will focus on self-awareness and discovery of your target career and not on branding materials like your resume or cover letters, or interview preparation.

Do I have to attend weekly live meetings?

You get to decide which weekly calls are of interest to you.  You'll get to learn from others and get higher touch support from me so it's encouraged that you join as many as you can!

Absolutely ready for a job I love in 2024!

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

-Brene Brown

  Copyright © Caitlin Magidson LCPC 2023

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