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Do you feel stuck in your current job and want to make a change? 


Are you struggling with relationships at work? 


If you want to pivot and are not sure where to start, let’s set up a

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I approach career coaching from a holistic perspective. 

Holistic means that everything is interconnected, so we take into

account all parts of your life in the coaching conversation. Choices

you make around career have a ripple effect and can impact your relationships, self-esteem, family, sense of identity, lifestyle, or health. 


Because you are a whole person with dreams and hopes for your future, the career coaching experience is more than just a resume review.  If you’re feeling stuck and not sure what you want next, we’ll start in a place of self-exploration so you can better understand who you are and what makes you tick.

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Career Coach, I wear both hats as a counselor and coach.  I have training to help you process feelings of anxiety, fear, or doubt and understand barriers that are getting in your way.  Coaching is typically more future oriented and solutions focused whereas therapy often looks into the past to understand your present and future.  In navigating a career transition I incorporate coaching strategies and homework into our sessions that differ from weekly therapy.  Though I commit to a career counseling & coaching process or therapy process up front, I do draw upon both backgrounds to help you gain new insight.

4+ sessions recommended

Career and self- exploration is the first step if you’re feeling stuck or unsure about what’s next.  Over a series of sessions I’ll ask thought-provoking questions, introduce exercises, and listen for patterns and themes to help you unearth your values, interests, skills, and preferences.  The goal in this part of the coaching process is to create a tool-kit of self-knowledge.  Self-insight will be a guide into discovering what type of work will be most meaningful and energizing to you.


Clients often want to know how long the exploration part of the process will take.  It really depends on how much you invest into the work and what changes you’re hoping to make.  I suggest at least 4 sessions in order to find more clarity.  Sometimes clients want to give up on the process before they give it enough time, so trust the process and give yourself permission to reflect, get curious, and prototype what’s next.

4+ sessions recommended

Once you have identified your target job, our work will focus on steps to get you to that job.  Job search strategy covers professional branding around resumes, cover letters, and elevator pitches, as well as networking, informational interviews, interview preparation and salary negotiation.  I’ll coach you through the process as you take steps forward.  Career coaching is a building block process where you take action between meetings and then we build on your process in the next session.  You’ll have accountability and support each step of the way to troubleshoot, brainstorm, and get clear on how to execute an efficient job search strategy. 

4+ sessions recommended

Once you land your new job, coaching can help navigate the transition, build new relationships, and set yourself up for success.  I have clients who also come back for coaching to talk through new challenges that come up at work. 


Coaching can be helpful in learning new skills around stress management, setting boundaries, leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence.  I use various assessments and exercises to help you gain self-insight in order to develop new strategies in life and at work.  I provide a safe, confidential space to talk through problems and find new solutions.  If you need a sounding board to think out loud and gain clarity to move forward, career coaching may be right for you.




I work with career coaching clients in-person in my Bethesda office or remotely by video.  To set-up a consultation call and learn more you can click below. 

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